The werewolves are still dancing (album)

My second album available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

A few people told that the entire album makes “much more sense” (and becomes more enjoyable…) after having heard from me the “story behind”. I thought that it would have been silly not to share this with everyone. So, here we go. Please press play and enjoy, while reading it (the “story” is just below the player).

The werewolves are still dancing “story”

The main character, that we will call it confidentially “you”, is sleeping. He (she… if you are a lady) starts dreaming (“Dreamy Machinies”). It is quite a complicated dream, a kind of a nightmare. Hypnotic patterns, screams, runs, mechanical monsters and those angelical flutes that represent the gentle voice you hear while floating to another dimension throughout the dream itself. When you open your eyes, you find yourself somewhere else. It is like a hill, next to a wood. It’s night but it is not that dark thanks to a bright full moon, the one you can see on the cover artwork actually. And you are witnessing something terrible and magic. A group of wolves are dancing in the moonlight. Are they supernatural creatures? Werewolves maybe? They are dancing a very rhythmic tune (“The werewolves are still dancing”) where every wolf join in playing percussions, even playing accordions or just dancing. It is a mix of a scary ritual and a joyful funfair. Although they seem to dance to the full moon so visible in the sky, you somehow know those werewolves are probably celebrating their main star in the sky (“Alpha Lupi”), which is the brightest star in the southern constellation of the Lupus (which means “wolf”). The music you hear is a composition where a very heartly piano and a otherworldly synthesizer match and play together. Confused by what you just saw, you start wandering around till you get lost in that wood next to the hill. It’s dark and scary and you end up in front a black and sinister pond (“A lake full of frogs”). You are scared and you realised you want to escape this dream, now turned into a nightmare. As you feel unsafe and lost, some people appear, they look like hunters and they remind you of friends you have in your real life (“Good old friends” **). They lead you outside the wood and set you free. You wake up, the dream has gone.
… but the werewolves are still there, dancing all night long, till dawn (“6am… they are still dancing”). The song the are dancing has not changed but they brought more instruments during the night, the accordions left, more drums have been brought, also another werewolf brought a synth and more guitars. They keep on dancing, celebrating their existence, their moon and their stars.

**The title “Good old friends” also refers to the bass-piano-drums use in the whole track, which is the typical set I used for almost the entire composition of my first album “Modern Times”. Those three instruments are like good old friends to me, I feel comfortable writing for them!