The werewolves are still dancing (album)

My second album available on Spotify and iTunes

Some people told me that the entire album makes “much more sense” (and becomes more enjoyable) after having heard “the story behind”. So… here we go. Press play (on Spotify or scroll down for the player) and enjoy: this is the story.

The werewolves are still dancing “story”

The main character (you) is sleeping… and you predictably start dreaming (“Dreamy Machinies”), but it’s quite a complicated dream, more like a nightmare. Hypnotic cycles, screams, mechanical monsters and angelical flutes like a gentle and accomodating voice leading your floating to another dimension. When you open your eyes, you find yourself somewhere else. You’re on a hill next to a wood. It’s in the middle of the night but not that dark due to a bright full moon, like the one you see on the cover of the album. You are witnessing something terrible and magic: a pack of wolves are dancing in the moonlight. Werewolves maybe? They are dancing (“The werewolves are still dancing”) and each wolf is either playing drums, guitars or accordions: a joyful and scary ritual, like a demonic party. Your dream suggests they are not dancing to the moon but to worship their main star in the sky (“Alpha Lupi”), the brightest star in the constellation of the Lupus (“wolf”). A very earthly piano and a otherworldly synthesizer play together. Confused by what you just saw, you start wandering around and you get lost in the wood at the bottom of the hill where you bump into a black and sinister pond (“A lake full of frogs”). Reasonably scared, you want to escape from this dream, now a true nightmare. Worried and lost, you meet some people, they are hunters and remind you of your friends in your real life (“Good old friends” **). They lead you outside the wood and you are fine, you wake up, the dream is over.
… but the werewolves are still there, dancing all night long, till dawn (“6am… they are still dancing”) and their celebration sounds bigger and bigger, for the moon and their star.